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EMB Emergency Button
EMB is a software application for mobile phones that turns it into an alarm phone, which can send emergency alarms to an alarm centre. EMB is suited for lone workers, guards, travelling salesmen and other professionals who run the risk of being exposed to danger.

Try it out!
You can see how it works in the animation to the left. Click the highlighted button and see what happens!

Nokia Theme
Download our EMB Emergency Theme for Nokia S60 series phones.

How does it work?
EMB starts automatically when the mobile is turned on, then it runs in the background to not interfere with the normal functions of the phone. The alarm is activated by pressing the dedicated button, a message is instantly sent to one or more monitoring centres and an acknowledgement is shown to the user.

Developed by BXO
EMB was developed by BXO Solutions AB in cooperation with SOS Alarm in order to meet the industry's demands for security and usability. BXO's website »
BXO Solutions AB
Ruddammsvägen 11-13
114 21 Stockholm
Web: BXO Solutions
Phone: 0706-38 33 38
User interface, icons and flash demo designed by
Anders Färdigh